Here’s The Situation

If you know me, then you know I adore an ornament. I mean it. Obsessed even. I collect them for all the things. I buy them for trips, memories that mean more than I want to ever let go, milestones, and just because they are cute sometimes. My tree is FULL and so is myContinue reading “Here’s The Situation”

Expecting Christmas

Let’s be brutally honest here…Christmas can be down right exhausting! In every way. Physical, mental, spiritual, emotional and financial. We have things and people pulling us in all directions so it is essential that we make the effort to bring Christ into our hearts and homes this Christmas before it claims our joy. No whereContinue reading “Expecting Christmas”

Comparing Christmas

One thing you won’t find me doing is comparing my Christmas to someone else’s. I can confidently say that to you. Thankfully, my traditions outweigh any time for that kind of nonsense and I want yours to do the same! Comparison is crippling and the thief of joy. Oh, friend, what a waste it isContinue reading “Comparing Christmas”