My father is not a saint, a ghost nor an angel

He had jokes, always It’s been a year this week since my daddy left this earth to take up residency inside his mansion in glory. I love to laugh at the thought of anyone thinking Bob Skutt is dressed like cupid, Casper or flying around in angel wings. Y’all, Bob, isn’t fluttering about watching overContinue reading “My father is not a saint, a ghost nor an angel”

Year End Review

One word to describe this year: Overwhelming. In every sense of the word. Recovering from all the ways 2019 overwhelmed me will take a minute. Overwhelmed in both the good and bad ways. Overwhelmed with disappointment, loss and frustration but also overwhelmed with goodness, love, grace and much hope. Joy always comes in the mourningContinue reading “Year End Review”

What I lack in athletic talent, I’m off the chart in good sense.

Oh, for the love of the game. Can we not just let kids play ball when they are little and not try to shape them into who we wanted to be and never were? I’m just sayin….I could easily fall into that trap with my child because I was never the best at anything physical,Continue reading “What I lack in athletic talent, I’m off the chart in good sense.”

Morning By Morning New Mercies I See

Isn’t she lovely?! Here she is at home in her recliner. God loves this woman, that is for sure…and so do we. Our mama is now back in her place recovering by herself, with visits each day from loving family and sweet friends who live near by. Praise Jesus for this smile on my mama’sContinue reading “Morning By Morning New Mercies I See”

Lessons learned from the Hospital

This will be my last hospital post. I promise. Lesson 1: Mom was freezing us out in her first room. We were dressing warm just to sit in her room with her. The first night I stayed the night, I was free-zing! A nurse came in, saw me shivering and brought me, get this, aContinue reading “Lessons learned from the Hospital”

Easter in Northwest Arkansas

The kids enjoy dyeing Easter Eggs every year. Since I am far from being OCD or a type A personality, the kids get to dye the eggs anyway they want. They can use every color for one egg or just one color. It doesn’t matter to me. Their creativity gets to shine!We were at AuntContinue reading “Easter in Northwest Arkansas”

Spring Has Sprung

Planting season has started for our little Daddy so this past weekend Henry and I flew solo. We loved the sunshine days and took advantage of the pollen-filled air. Henry ate his supper Friday night on his new picnic table. He was yelling “more mama!” because he was out of his beloved chicken nuggets. SaturdayContinue reading “Spring Has Sprung”