A Chick and Cupcake Weekend

Saturday morning we went on a breakfast date to Chick with Piper and Amie. Henry could not have been any happier to have Piper, chicken and hashbrowns. The playground was just the cherry on top. I love visiting with Amie and I do love some chicken, so we were both happy. Henry loved watching PiperContinue reading “A Chick and Cupcake Weekend”

Fall Fun

Friday afternoon Henry and I headed about an hour outside of town to one of Randall’s plots so he could ride the combine with his daddy. Henry did not pose for this picture. It just happened. He was watching his Daddy out in the field and looked back at me to tell me “Daddy work”.Continue reading “Fall Fun”

A Hometown Weekend

Mama had all her babies at her house this past weekend and she loved it. Jules and I took the trek west without our hubbies in tow. It was fun to have girl time and to have the kids play with each other for a few days…or should I say it was fun for Henry.Continue reading “A Hometown Weekend”

Showering A Friend With Some Baby Love

This weekend I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for my friend Sandy in my home with a few other girls. Sandy and I met when I moved to town through the newcomers club. Sara (standing next to me) is also a friend from that club and my running buddy. The other twoContinue reading “Showering A Friend With Some Baby Love”

Whew, What A Weekend

My sweet Mama came to see us this weekend.I was so glad. Henry was so happy to have his Marmie at his house to play with him, despite his Croup. She and Henry have a special little bond. Marmie and Henry became fast buddies the night he came home from the hospital. I promise youContinue reading “Whew, What A Weekend”

Birthday Bash in Twinkle Town

Henry got to see his Marmie at Juju’s house. We went to celebrate 3 birthdays. Henry went to his first birthday party too! Juju was so excited to see Henry. These two are quite the pair. Uncle Stephen is quite smitten with our boy too. Anna celebrated her 6th birthday. This is possibly the saddestContinue reading “Birthday Bash in Twinkle Town”