Oh, For The Love!

“I mustache you a question?” “Will you be my Happy Birfday Time?”(How Henry says “Happy Valentine’s Day…so cute!) His daddy said “yes” and got some love with his coffee.Cupid showed love to Henry with a Veggie Tales card, a big balloon, a red truck, Cars candy and a Mater teeth sucker.He was most smitten withContinue reading “Oh, For The Love!”

Mustache Love

Henry is having a big time today passing these cute cards out with little polka dot mustache cookies by The Cookie Lady, Amy C from the “Wild west town of Fort Smith, Arkansas” (Did anyone else see the Olympics ticket article circulating online…the description of my hometown made me laugh out loud). Henry better notContinue reading “Mustache Love”

Love Is In The Air

Henry had his first official babysitter over the weekend while Randall and I drove to Memphis to eat oysters, mussels and other seafood goodness. You just can’t eat like that in J’Town so driving a little ways is worth it sometimes. Our cute little babysitter is one of Henry’s afternoon teachers. He loves her andContinue reading “Love Is In The Air”

A Little Morning "Cheese"

We attempted a little photo session before school one morning this week. It was for Henry’s Valentine’s Day card. He loves to say “cheese” but sitting still is not his best thing. He has so much to do and see. He has never been 2 before…it is a big deal. He makes me laugh. AlwaysContinue reading “A Little Morning "Cheese"”