Give Thanks From A Grateful Heart

Today we are eating it up and giving thanks for the blessings we so often take for granted. It makes me think of this sweet song that my girl Paige sang at our wedding in 2003. What a wonderful memory and beautiful lyrics. I hope your day is full of gratitude and blessings. There’s nothingContinue reading “Give Thanks From A Grateful Heart”

Smart Little Gobble Gobble

My little turkey can say “gobble gobble” and “give thanks”. It makes my Mama heart so proud. He is a sponge and I love it! This week I am making a thankful tree for us to have on the table at dinner time. It has made me think of all the little bitty things weContinue reading “Smart Little Gobble Gobble”

Turkey Times-South

This was taken right after we ate Thanksgiving dinner at my house Thursday. We were stuffed! We had so much food. I went a little overboard on veggies this year. It seemed a bit gluttonous, but we’re eating it every meal until its gone! HA! When I was cooking Thursday morning. Really I was justContinue reading “Turkey Times-South”

Turkey Times – Northeast

“How does my turkey look?” We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my Aunt Babs house in Memphis. It was Henry’s first Thanksgiving. Last year I sat in my chair in my den, wearing pajamas, and Randall brought me food on a TV tray that my dear mother-in-law had brought to us. I was on bedContinue reading “Turkey Times – Northeast”

This week in 1986

I Love 80’s music. I can’t tell you the name of any songs, or who sings any songs. But I love 80’s music! It doesn’t make sense, but when do I ever make sense?!HA! The other night I was reading my Kindle (surprised?) and Stephen was flipping through the channels (surprised?). He stopped on theContinue reading “This week in 1986”

Thankful For The Birthday Boy

34 years ago a cute little boy was born in a small Mississippi town in the Dirty Delta, and for that I am most thankful. He grew up to be such an upstanding, fine young man and for that I am even more thankful. I am so thankful he chose me to be his bride.Continue reading “Thankful For The Birthday Boy”