Why do I write with B, L, S beside each day of the week?

It’s Friday and that means food!! Back in the day every Friday was Food Friday over here at Life With My Sister . It’s time to bring it back! Food is one of my favorite subjects. I wake up thinking about my next three meals, the good thing is, I’m not picky. Fast food, niceContinue reading “Why do I write with B, L, S beside each day of the week?”

A Tote Of Blessings

Henry and I headed to Memphis this week to see the fam and for me to shop my friend’s fall/winter consignment sale at the Agricenter. She is such a peach and lets me in for the first preview sale each season. It is so good to know sweet people…I am blessed by her. I getContinue reading “A Tote Of Blessings”

Turkey Times – Northeast

“How does my turkey look?” We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my Aunt Babs house in Memphis. It was Henry’s first Thanksgiving. Last year I sat in my chair in my den, wearing pajamas, and Randall brought me food on a TV tray that my dear mother-in-law had brought to us. I was on bedContinue reading “Turkey Times – Northeast”

A Haul of Fun

Jules and I love to go to consignment sales and have planned for months to meet up in LR this weekend to attend our most favorite sale of the year. The photo above is of us after 1.5 hours of steady shopping and a quick dinner at Jason’s Deli. It was most fun being togetherContinue reading “A Haul of Fun”