I love when my child can see answers to his prayers.

¬†This boy. Oh, this boy. He has a purpose far greater than we realize and I cannot wait to see what God has mapped out for him. It will be anything but boring. Henry is all boy yet more perceptive than anyone I know and with that comes intense awareness of others feelings. He carriesContinue reading “I love when my child can see answers to his prayers.”

School Days. Golden Rule Days

The new school year is in full swing and the Fab Five are having a fantastic start.¬† Henry Patton started Kindergarten this year at Valley View. He is enjoying it so far. He has lots of old and new friends with him. His teacher is a great fit for him too. We are so proudContinue reading “School Days. Golden Rule Days”

Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I know Easter is all about Jesus and his sacrifice, yet we also celebrate the bunny at our house. We knew the real meaning of Easter when we were growing up while celebrating the bunny, so we carry on that tradition with our little Henry. This is our third Easter with our little fella.Learning theContinue reading “Here Comes Peter Cottontail”

Oh, For The Love!

“I mustache you a question?” “Will you be my Happy Birfday Time?”(How Henry says “Happy Valentine’s Day…so cute!) His daddy said “yes” and got some love with his coffee.Cupid showed love to Henry with a Veggie Tales card, a big balloon, a red truck, Cars candy and a Mater teeth sucker.He was most smitten withContinue reading “Oh, For The Love!”

School days

School Days, School Days… The kids went to school today. Not “real” school, as we call public school, but a homeschool academy that meets on Tuesdays. Everyone was excited, and everyone was a bit apprehensive about going this morning. They all looked so cute. I wish I had taken a picture. I just don’t evenContinue reading “School days”

Food Friday

This Christmas cutie has lots of fun teachers and friends that needed some Christmas goodies from our kitchen. So, Mama got to work and we made some fun things to take to church and school. We made these for his friends at church and his former teachers at daycare.You take a Nutter Butter and dipContinue reading “Food Friday”

Beavers Academy Christmas Party

Julie sent photos from the Beavers Academy Christmas party and like a good sister and aunt I have to post them for all to see. The children in her school are 4 of my most favorite children in the whole wide world. Watching how they do school is always so much fun. Their school administrator,Continue reading “Beavers Academy Christmas Party”