Pure Joy

Randall, ‘Thew (Hollye’s hubby) and Stephen This picture will make me laugh outloud until I am old and gray. Today it made me cry a little bit. Joy. Pure joy it is to have family to embrace in good times, bad times, and the awkard inbetween times. I know of so many families who fightContinue reading “Pure Joy”

My Purpose Remains

“A thousand times I’ve failedStill your mercy remainsAnd should I stumble againStill I’m caught in your graceEverlasting, Your light will shine when all else fadesNever ending, Your glory goes beyond all fameMy heart and my soul, I give You controlConsume me from the inside out LordLet justice and praise, become my embraceTo love You fromContinue reading “My Purpose Remains”

3 Things That Make Me Smile….and Laugh

The search is over….we found them! We are handing these out at the hospital. Do you know how rare this candy bar is these days? Well take my word, they are rare. We found 15 at the Country Mart grocery store today after an exhausting search. I wanted 30 but got 15. Some of youContinue reading “3 Things That Make Me Smile….and Laugh”