Food Friday/Christmas Exchange Party

Last night I hosted my annual Christmas Exchange. We exchange cookies and an ornament. It is always a fun, festive time with my girls. I started doing this when we lived in Mississippi and enjoyed it so much I have held the event each year since (except in 2009 when Henry arrived at Christmas).Every yearContinue reading “Food Friday/Christmas Exchange Party”

Brought To You By The Number 2 & The Letter H

Henry turned 2 last week and we celebrated with all his friends on Sesame Street. I bought these fun cupcakes at a local grocery store to take to his school on his birthday. He was so excited to see them. He dove right in and took Big Bird’s head off. His friends were yelling “Elmo”.ItContinue reading “Brought To You By The Number 2 & The Letter H”

Our Little Big 1

The last monthly picture…what a guy! Those photos got harder and harder each month. What a fun memory to have in his baby book though. We were so excited to throw our baby boy a party to celebrate his big 1! We even decorated the Christmas decorations on the porch in honor of our birthdayContinue reading “Our Little Big 1”

Celebrating The Big 1

Today we are celebrating the Big 1 with our little Henry. I made this little slide show to share at the party today and thought I would share it here so you could see it too. There is music …you may want to mute it if you are not a “Sweet Child Of Mine” fan….justContinue reading “Celebrating The Big 1”