Nature Baby

Well, it looks like the Sisters have been soaking up some of God’s creation this past week! Henry had his first visit to the Nature Center. We are fortunate to live across the street from our local state park and the Nature Center. I have visited the Center several times, but never with my sweetContinue reading “Nature Baby”

One Boy

All four of our children are so different. A couple of them look alike but other than that, they are completely different. Two of the boys are playing basketball this year. It has been interesting to watch their personalities in action. One is easy-going, playful, and unconcerned about being perfect. The other one is noneContinue reading “One Boy”

Happy Birthday, Baby of Mine

Last year on this day I became a mother at 4:25 in the afternoon. Henry Patton was born and I began to experience a love like I had never known. Today at 4:25 we took this picture ( this was actually taken a few minutes before that time…just being honest). I am in awe atContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Baby of Mine”

Random Gratitude

I love this girl. This is Julie’s youngest, Anna. She makes me smile. Today I was reminded what a blessing she is to our crew. Julie told her to tell me what she wanted for Christmas and she got out the toy catalog and went to town! That made me laugh because her brothers justContinue reading “Random Gratitude”

Henry’s Flower

“Yay! It was “Henry” day at the Posey Peddler yesterday and I got a free flower! Mama and I were driving by and she saw the sign said if your name was Henry or Hannah you got a free flower. You know my Mama…she just went right ahead and whipped into a parking spot andContinue reading “Henry’s Flower”

Whew, What A Weekend

My sweet Mama came to see us this weekend.I was so glad. Henry was so happy to have his Marmie at his house to play with him, despite his Croup. She and Henry have a special little bond. Marmie and Henry became fast buddies the night he came home from the hospital. I promise youContinue reading “Whew, What A Weekend”