Just Another Predictable Tuesday, Until It Wasn’t

We are inching up to the first heaveniversary of daddy’s death. I decided I didn’t want to forget the details of that day from my perspective. He was such a loud light in all of our lives and that is missed more than any of us can truly express. I know heaven is a louderContinue reading “Just Another Predictable Tuesday, Until It Wasn’t”

1/2 A Year Already

6 months ago today we were bringing this sweet boy home from the hospital. What an exciting 1/2 year this has been for us. He is my biggest blessing. I tell his Daddy not to feel bad about hearing that Henry beat him on the blessing scale these days because without him I would notContinue reading “1/2 A Year Already”

Thoughts from the supper table

Last night we sat around the table eating potato soup (from a Bear Creek mix-the best!!!), and we began talking about our futures.David said he wanted to live in a mansion, yet he wants to be a reading teacher. I told him both of those probably were not going to happen, but he didn’t seemContinue reading “Thoughts from the supper table”

A Full Moon of Mall Memories

Today is my Meemaw’s birthday (Julie’s Grandmother. We had our own little names for the g-parents) She died six years ago. She would have been 86 today. She was the epitome of a southern belle. She was prissy to the very end. She was the perfect example of a preachers wife and she was ourContinue reading “A Full Moon of Mall Memories”