The Most Overused Hashtag Of 2017

What a time of reflection the new year brings to us. “Bye, Felicia” was the most overused hastag and witty comeback I have ever typed with my short little fingertips. I don’t know Felicia, but that poor girl needs a welcome basket or a party invitation in 2018.Every 365 days we get a do over.Continue reading “The Most Overused Hashtag Of 2017”

It’s Been A Decade

10 years ago tonight I looked into Randall’s blue eyes for the first time at the back door of my cousin Hollye’s home in Memphis. A blind date set up by Julie and my mother-in-love (click here for Julie’s refelction on the arrangement). For that date I am forever grateful. I did not want toContinue reading “It’s Been A Decade”

Random Gratitude

I love this girl. This is Julie’s youngest, Anna. She makes me smile. Today I was reminded what a blessing she is to our crew. Julie told her to tell me what she wanted for Christmas and she got out the toy catalog and went to town! That made me laugh because her brothers justContinue reading “Random Gratitude”

Happy Engagement Anniversary!

Yesterday Stephen and I celebrated our 16th engagement anniversary.The year he proposed, Valentines Day was on a Sunday, so he proposed on Saturday night the 13th. We went to a nice restaurant (that is no longer around.) I was dressed in my most figure flattering dress and heels. The restaurant was packed with people allContinue reading “Happy Engagement Anniversary!”

It All Started In The Bathroom

So sorry about the picture quality. I need to work with my scanner just a bit more. We have just endured,lovingly, The Week of Love, with Abby and Randall. What Abby failed to mention was my part of the whole relationship. So, I will take this opportunity to let you know my part of theContinue reading “It All Started In The Bathroom”

Thank You Lord, How Could I Ask for more

I believe we both had tears in our eyes…love it! Our Wedding Party Tim, Sarah, Ben, Julie, Me, Randall, Melissa, Rick, Lindsey, Zach, Hollye, Caly, Samuel, Matthew Beginning this journey together I love that song. Our friend Paige played it on the piano and sang it at our wedding. Today I have been married toContinue reading “Thank You Lord, How Could I Ask for more”