Lessons learned from the Hospital

This will be my last hospital post. I promise. Lesson 1: Mom was freezing us out in her first room. We were dressing warm just to sit in her room with her. The first night I stayed the night, I was free-zing! A nurse came in, saw me shivering and brought me, get this, aContinue reading “Lessons learned from the Hospital”

Strength For Today And Bright Hope For Tomorrow

Mama has a long road ahead of her. She is still in ICU and will be for a few more days. She is expected to be in the hospital for 3 weeks once she gets out of ICU. Your prayers of strength for all of us, especially mama, are very much felt and appreciated. ThankContinue reading “Strength For Today And Bright Hope For Tomorrow”

Baths, Bugs and Bubbles

Henry loves a bath. He goes bonkers when he hears “bath” so we have to spell it when talking about it unless it is time. He will sprint to the back of the house when he hears “bath” while laughing, squealing and yelling “Baftub…I want baftub!” Have I ever told you how much I loveContinue reading “Baths, Bugs and Bubbles”

Whew, What A Weekend

My sweet Mama came to see us this weekend.I was so glad. Henry was so happy to have his Marmie at his house to play with him, despite his Croup. She and Henry have a special little bond. Marmie and Henry became fast buddies the night he came home from the hospital. I promise youContinue reading “Whew, What A Weekend”

A Friend

Tommy Atchley was a great man. He was a christian and a lover of the Lord. He was a powerful testimony to the love of Christ. He was honest, nice, caring, giving, and funny! His family and Stephen’s family vacationed together at the beach for many years. The families were close and he was Stephen’sContinue reading “A Friend”

The Summer of the Sick

As you may recall David was diagnosed with mono on July 1. He had a terribly high fever, sore throat, headache, and no energy. After a little over a week he began to feel better and he was his normal self again. Fast forward to July 18. Daniel comes home from swimming all day andContinue reading “The Summer of the Sick”