My Heart’s Delight

“Daddy plant corn?” or “Marmie sick?” is all that I have heard in the past week out of this little precious love. My heart aches for him. His daddy is in the thick of planting all over the delta and his phone-a- friend( Marmie) is not able to communicate with him. He is so confusedContinue reading “My Heart’s Delight”

Singing Blessing and Honor…

I absolutely adore this song. My hands go up in my vehicle and I am really surprised the speakers have not blown up! I can’t wait to buy the CD when it is released next week. Phillips, Craig and Dean is by far my favorite Christian group. Their pure sound makes my soul sing. Enjoy!Continue reading “Singing Blessing and Honor…”

There’s A Bigger Picture You Can’t See

What a comfort: “There’s a bigger picture you can’t see. You don’t have to change the world, just trust in me. I am your creator I am working out my plan and through you I will show them I Am.” If you have read our blog from the first post until now, you know IContinue reading “There’s A Bigger Picture You Can’t See”