Let’s Go Racing, Boys!

Several months ago Randall saw a $99 NASCAR experience deal online at the old Memphis International Speedway. He had me purchase it for any Saturday in September. Today was finally the day. Henry was so excited and he was convinced that he was going to be his daddy’s 1 man pit crew. He was hopingContinue reading “Let’s Go Racing, Boys!”

Rocking n’ Running With The King

I decided late Friday night to run the Elvis 5K at Graceland. It is the 35th anniversary of his death this week. If you have ever lived in Memphis or if you are a diehard Elvis fan you know that it is big deal and all the crazies come out to weep and celebrate. IContinue reading “Rocking n’ Running With The King”

Random Thoughts

1-Daniel thinks David can read his mind. I think this may be true. 2- Anna let Daniel pull her front tooth after 16 days of it hanging loose. 3-Samuel’s voice has changed. I don’t recognize him anymore. 4-I threw away a pair of Easter socks last night that I’ve had for two years. It seemsContinue reading “Random Thoughts”

Oh, For The Love!

“I mustache you a question?” “Will you be my Happy Birfday Time?”(How Henry says “Happy Valentine’s Day…so cute!) His daddy said “yes” and got some love with his coffee.Cupid showed love to Henry with a Veggie Tales card, a big balloon, a red truck, Cars candy and a Mater teeth sucker.He was most smitten withContinue reading “Oh, For The Love!”

It’s Been A Decade

10 years ago tonight I looked into Randall’s blue eyes for the first time at the back door of my cousin Hollye’s home in Memphis. A blind date set up by Julie and my mother-in-love (click here for Julie’s refelction on the arrangement). For that date I am forever grateful. I did not want toContinue reading “It’s Been A Decade”

Pure Joy

Randall, ‘Thew (Hollye’s hubby) and Stephen This picture will make me laugh outloud until I am old and gray. Today it made me cry a little bit. Joy. Pure joy it is to have family to embrace in good times, bad times, and the awkard inbetween times. I know of so many families who fightContinue reading “Pure Joy”

Fall Fun

Friday afternoon Henry and I headed about an hour outside of town to one of Randall’s plots so he could ride the combine with his daddy. Henry did not pose for this picture. It just happened. He was watching his Daddy out in the field and looked back at me to tell me “Daddy work”.Continue reading “Fall Fun”