Show Us Your Life – Henry’s Room

I know the Show Us Your Life blog hops are not something we usually participate in. We try so hard to not act “showy” in our posts. Yet, today…I am going to boast, brag and show off my baby boy’s room, by gosh…so forgive me in advance!!!Call me proud, but I am when it comesContinue reading “Show Us Your Life – Henry’s Room”

Cleaning Tips, from me???

Abby and I may have some of the same blood flowing through our veins. We may have grown up in the same house with the same parents. We may be sisters, but when it comes to cleaning we couldn’t be more different. Kelly is doing Show Us Your Life-Cleaning Tips today and the funny thingContinue reading “Cleaning Tips, from me???”

It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like A Baby

We have been so busy since we found out we are having a baby boy! This past weekend Randall “Baby Daddy” worked hard and said “It is all about my boy now!” It was so cute. He gave up weed eating/ edging to work on baby stuff….and if you know Randall you know that isContinue reading “It’s Beginning to Look Alot Like A Baby”

A Little Of This And A Little Of That

I love the weekends that include a little bit of everything. I cleaned the house from top to bottom on Saturday. By 9:00 Saturday morning we had eaten at Cracker Barrel, been to Walmart, Home Depot and on a Sonic drink run. So, I kept up the energy and got tackled the house. I doContinue reading “A Little Of This And A Little Of That”

"It sounded like bombs going off"

That is what Abby said when I talked to her just a few moments ago. They have been without power since last evening and when the limbs of their trees would snap and fall she said it sounded like bombs going off. They are safe and sound, playing card games and telling stories. They haveContinue reading “"It sounded like bombs going off"”

Adding A little Spice To The Kitchen

This is what I came home from Hobby Lobby with this afternoon. Randall gave me a gift card as one of my Christmas gifts. This morning I decided the kitchen need a little spice now that the fall and Christmas decor has been removed. It was looking a bit sad. This is what I pickedContinue reading “Adding A little Spice To The Kitchen”