Christmas Week Begins

We started the Christmas family festivities this past weekend at our house with Randall’s mother. We had fun watching Henry open his presents. Being a parent is so much fun at Christmastime. Watching his face light up is priceless. Nonnie got him this scooter. It plays music and that is his favorite part. He standsContinue reading “Christmas Week Begins”

The "S" Family Christmas

We finished the Christmas season on New Years Day at our Daddy’s house in North Mississippi. The only good thing about divorced parents is that Christmas is never ending. It lasts all month at my house and it is actually a lot of fun. I think about my childhood Christmases and my adult Christmases andContinue reading “The "S" Family Christmas”

The Great Pumpkin

What a fun weekend with our Great Pumpkin! Our Great Pumpkin had his first Halloween. “I want candy!” Starting out on his first trick or treat. First stop, our next door neighbor’s house. He got loaded up with all kinds of goodies and got to see a doggie. Our second stop was at another friend’sContinue reading “The Great Pumpkin”

Henry’s 1st Easter

I have loaded all our Easter photos for you to see. Henry did Easter up big. We had so much fun telling him about Jesus, singing Easter songs over the past few weeks, and having the Easter Bunny bring him treats. Last year we were just finding out that Henry was in my belly. SoContinue reading “Henry’s 1st Easter”

Weekend Recap from J’Boro

It sounds like my sister had a fun and exciting weekend with the smoked butt, not-so-smoked ribs and the rainy trip to the zoo. Poor Anna thinking it was a circus place…she cracks me up and is SOOOOO my child. Anyway, I can’t report on a smoked butt, not-so-smoked ribs nor a rainy trip toContinue reading “Weekend Recap from J’Boro”