"Quack Quack" Halloween

Henry started his Halloween morning with a spooky face! He is so silly and was so excited to get to school and see all his friends. He made pumpkin art and a pumpkin book while celebrating orange and black day with his little buddies at his school. After school he was ready to get outContinue reading “"Quack Quack" Halloween”

Trunk Or Treat Fun

We participated in trunk or treat at our Church’s Fall Festival. It was great fun to prepare for it, but when I got there the wind was insane, so I had failed execution and found myself just sticking stuff where it would stay put. It sort of looked like Halloween threw up in the backContinue reading “Trunk Or Treat Fun”

The Great Pumpkin

What a fun weekend with our Great Pumpkin! Our Great Pumpkin had his first Halloween. “I want candy!” Starting out on his first trick or treat. First stop, our next door neighbor’s house. He got loaded up with all kinds of goodies and got to see a doggie. Our second stop was at another friend’sContinue reading “The Great Pumpkin”

Va,Va,Va’ Broom!

This is our grandmother. She has the best broom in her neighborhood. We also think she is the prettiest one in her neighborhood ( Sorry, UD…you are pretty too!). We are loving her vest…only our Mawmaw! What a doll. Their neighborhood had a Halloween party and a broom decorating contest (what a FUN idea!) andContinue reading “Va,Va,Va’ Broom!”

Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch

Standing on a big mound of cotton with my boys… while at the pumpkin patch in Randall’s home town this week. Randall and I had never been to a pumpkin patch. It was a memory for all of us. I do think Henry was the cutest pumpkin in the patch, don’t you?! Randall said theContinue reading “Cutest Pumpkin In The Patch”