Rocking n’ Running With The King

I decided late Friday night to run the Elvis 5K at Graceland. It is the 35th anniversary of his death this week. If you have ever lived in Memphis or if you are a diehard Elvis fan you know that it is big deal and all the crazies come out to weep and celebrate. IContinue reading “Rocking n’ Running With The King”

A Fishy Celebration

This past weekend we went fishing to begin our April birthday celebrations. If you are new around here, Anna will be 8 on the 20th and David and Daniel will be 11 on the 24th. We celebrate birthdays for days!!! Samuel was at a D-Now weekend, so Stephen and I took Daniel, David and AnnaContinue reading “A Fishy Celebration”

Spring Has Sprung

Planting season has started for our little Daddy so this past weekend Henry and I flew solo. We loved the sunshine days and took advantage of the pollen-filled air. Henry ate his supper Friday night on his new picnic table. He was yelling “more mama!” because he was out of his beloved chicken nuggets. SaturdayContinue reading “Spring Has Sprung”

Mustache Love

Henry is having a big time today passing these cute cards out with little polka dot mustache cookies by The Cookie Lady, Amy C from the “Wild west town of Fort Smith, Arkansas” (Did anyone else see the Olympics ticket article circulating online…the description of my hometown made me laugh out loud). Henry better notContinue reading “Mustache Love”

A Chick and Cupcake Weekend

Saturday morning we went on a breakfast date to Chick with Piper and Amie. Henry could not have been any happier to have Piper, chicken and hashbrowns. The playground was just the cherry on top. I love visiting with Amie and I do love some chicken, so we were both happy. Henry loved watching PiperContinue reading “A Chick and Cupcake Weekend”

Baths, Bugs and Bubbles

Henry loves a bath. He goes bonkers when he hears “bath” so we have to spell it when talking about it unless it is time. He will sprint to the back of the house when he hears “bath” while laughing, squealing and yelling “Baftub…I want baftub!” Have I ever told you how much I loveContinue reading “Baths, Bugs and Bubbles”

Brought To You By The Number 2 & The Letter H

Henry turned 2 last week and we celebrated with all his friends on Sesame Street. I bought these fun cupcakes at a local grocery store to take to his school on his birthday. He was so excited to see them. He dove right in and took Big Bird’s head off. His friends were yelling “Elmo”.ItContinue reading “Brought To You By The Number 2 & The Letter H”