This Place

I debated sharing my heart about this, but I just have to. I want all of you (whoever you are…we know we have lots of lurkers and we are thrilled you like us!) to feel my heartbeat at this amazing, scary, fun, life-altering, God-given and stressful time in my life. Tomorrow is my last dayContinue reading “This Place”

Floaties, A Snotty Nose and $1 meat = Great Day!

I have some of the best friends. After my post about the treading water and being helped out by a raft, my bff emailed me and said she couldn’t send me a “raft” but she was sending some “cool floaties”! Well, my cool floaties arrived by UPS today while I was gone.Let me digress- SamuelContinue reading “Floaties, A Snotty Nose and $1 meat = Great Day!”

I Always Picture Her Laughing…

I like to make a point to thank God often for special friendships. I blame it on moving away from everything familiar and safe when I graduated from college and got married. I love making new friends, but nothing replaces those solid, “been through it all” friends.Friendship. It comes in the most unlikely places. GodContinue reading “I Always Picture Her Laughing…”