School Days. Golden Rule Days

The new school year is in full swing and the Fab Five are having a fantastic start.  Henry Patton started Kindergarten this year at Valley View. He is enjoying it so far. He has lots of old and new friends with him. His teacher is a great fit for him too. We are so proudContinue reading “School Days. Golden Rule Days”

Turkey Times-South

This was taken right after we ate Thanksgiving dinner at my house Thursday. We were stuffed! We had so much food. I went a little overboard on veggies this year. It seemed a bit gluttonous, but we’re eating it every meal until its gone! HA! When I was cooking Thursday morning. Really I was justContinue reading “Turkey Times-South”

Bulldogs and Gratitude

Schools all across our state are out of school today. And since the kids found out about it they decided we shouldn’t be in school either. And since I want to give them a semblance of the public school feeling (crazy hair day, spirit day, and pj day) I went with it. So, no schoolContinue reading “Bulldogs and Gratitude”