Why do I write with B, L, S beside each day of the week?

It’s Friday and that means food!! Back in the day every Friday was Food Friday over here at Life With My Sister . It’s time to bring it back! Food is one of my favorite subjects. I wake up thinking about my next three meals, the good thing is, I’m not picky. Fast food, niceContinue reading “Why do I write with B, L, S beside each day of the week?”

Random Thoughts

1-Daniel thinks David can read his mind. I think this may be true. 2- Anna let Daniel pull her front tooth after 16 days of it hanging loose. 3-Samuel’s voice has changed. I don’t recognize him anymore. 4-I threw away a pair of Easter socks last night that I’ve had for two years. It seemsContinue reading “Random Thoughts”

Food Friday

We spent our third Christmas at home this year. As I have posted before, we decided we would always try to have Henry in his home for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I was always at home growing up and Randall wasn’t. He said it was not enjoyable and wanted to ensure that Henry haveContinue reading “Food Friday”

Food Friday

This Christmas cutie has lots of fun teachers and friends that needed some Christmas goodies from our kitchen. So, Mama got to work and we made some fun things to take to church and school. We made these for his friends at church and his former teachers at daycare.You take a Nutter Butter and dipContinue reading “Food Friday”