The Gratitude Challenge

awkward time funny time proud time We are thankful for sisterhood. We are thankful for the memories of good times, awkward times, funny times, sad times, bad times, scary times, the “I think I will pull your hair out if you don’t leave me alone” times, and the “I am so proud of you, sister!”Continue reading “The Gratitude Challenge”

Our Favorite Things About Being Sisters

We Share The Same Expressions We laugh, cry and get mad at the same things (This was not always a blessing when we lived at home) We Share the Same Soul We know what one another is really saying beneath all the words (It is scary at times, but it is nice to know weContinue reading “Our Favorite Things About Being Sisters”

Focused On My Sister

Skutt Sisters Christmas 2005 Can you say “Big Pink”?! I was going through my senior portfolio from college the other night. Being a communications major, I did lots of writing and speaking. I was also a family science minor so I did many family studies. Reading the interview I had with my parents about raisingContinue reading “Focused On My Sister”