Easter in Northwest Arkansas

The kids enjoy dyeing Easter Eggs every year. Since I am far from being OCD or a type A personality, the kids get to dye the eggs anyway they want. They can use every color for one egg or just one color. It doesn’t matter to me. Their creativity gets to shine!We were at AuntContinue reading “Easter in Northwest Arkansas”

Easter In Northeast Arkansas

The Easter bunny came to our house and left Henry all sorts of fun things. He was a happy boy to wake up and see this bucket sitting in the den with his name on it! After a little play time we got dressed and headed to church to worship our risen Saviour. Henry lovesContinue reading “Easter In Northeast Arkansas”

Celebrations and Sirens…What A Week

We started our Easter week with Daddy home because of all the rain. It is a catch 22 having him home…it is good, and bad. Oh the life of a wife of an agri man, I tell ya! Anyway, he likes to crawl in Henry’s bed when he wakes up and surprise him. It aboutContinue reading “Celebrations and Sirens…What A Week”

Henry’s 1st Easter

I have loaded all our Easter photos for you to see. Henry did Easter up big. We had so much fun telling him about Jesus, singing Easter songs over the past few weeks, and having the Easter Bunny bring him treats. Last year we were just finding out that Henry was in my belly. SoContinue reading “Henry’s 1st Easter”