What’s A Vision Board?

Who reading this has a vision casted for yourself in 2018? Well, I have a fun way to cast a vision for yourself, your marriage, your work and your family. I love doing this and haven’t done it in a few years. Since we had a ridiculous amount of time inside this week because ofContinue reading “What’s A Vision Board?”

How to Start A Blessing Jar For Free

I just love to do fun crafty things. I also love to focus on blessings when and if possible…we all know those times can be hard though. So, a few years ago I started a blessing jar for the year. I cut some paper into strips and put it in the jar with a pen.Continue reading “How to Start A Blessing Jar For Free”

Creative Christmas Fun

This little cutie has 3 teachers at school and 2 at church. So, we got out the Cricut and made them some fun gifts. Actually, he was snoozing away in his bed and I was upstairs in the office making the gifts watching In The Kitchen with David on QVC…because I just love that flamboyantContinue reading “Creative Christmas Fun”

Show Us Your Life – Henry’s Room

I know the Show Us Your Life blog hops are not something we usually participate in. We try so hard to not act “showy” in our posts. Yet, today…I am going to boast, brag and show off my baby boy’s room, by gosh…so forgive me in advance!!!Call me proud, but I am when it comesContinue reading “Show Us Your Life – Henry’s Room”

A Blue Ribbon kind of day

The county fair was in town last week. And once again we didn’t go. I grew up going to the fair and loved it. But this county fair just doesn’t excite me or entice me to spend great wads of money for hastily put together rides that last a very short amount of time. MyContinue reading “A Blue Ribbon kind of day”