The Little Elf’s Tour Of Home

Our little elf is excited to show you his Christmas house. Isn’t his excited face funny?! This is our living room. It is always fun to decorate because there is endless options and lots of room. We also do not use this room every day so it can have the breakables in it since ourContinue reading “The Little Elf’s Tour Of Home”

Santa Is Watching

Henry has learned so much about Christmas at his faith-based school. He is learning about the real meaning of Christmas, yet he is also learning the whimsical fun of Christmas. It is so true when they say from out of the mouth the heart speaks. Henry is an open book and it is so entertaining.Continue reading “Santa Is Watching”

Food Friday/Christmas Exchange Party

Last night I hosted my annual Christmas Exchange. We exchange cookies and an ornament. It is always a fun, festive time with my girls. I started doing this when we lived in Mississippi and enjoyed it so much I have held the event each year since (except in 2009 when Henry arrived at Christmas).Every yearContinue reading “Food Friday/Christmas Exchange Party”

Working it Festive Style

My marketing buddy and I decided we needed to have a contest for our employee Christmas lunch. The employees got excited about it, which sort of surprised me. Some people call it the ugly Christmas sweater contest but out of respect for those we borrowed the sweaters from and those at our work who wearContinue reading “Working it Festive Style”

Pure Joy

Randall, ‘Thew (Hollye’s hubby) and Stephen This picture will make me laugh outloud until I am old and gray. Today it made me cry a little bit. Joy. Pure joy it is to have family to embrace in good times, bad times, and the awkard inbetween times. I know of so many families who fightContinue reading “Pure Joy”

Rainy Day Ramblings

It is a rainy day here in southeast Arkansas. Sure wish I had some cute rain boots! I should have asked for some for Christmas. Why do I never think of the right things to put on my Christmas list?? Are you like that? My Christmas list is always so generic. Sweater, shirt, necklace, somethingContinue reading “Rainy Day Ramblings”