Our Very Own Christmas Baby

I posted this photo on purpose…Daddy is no longer a Rebel fan since they gave Houston the boot. He doesn’t read this much anymore so he won’t know unless someone tells him…don’t tell him! This photo was taken at my house in Mississippi. Sweet and skinny times 🙂 (Abby) Today is our heavenly father’s birthdayContinue reading “Our Very Own Christmas Baby”

Food Friday

This Christmas cutie has lots of fun teachers and friends that needed some Christmas goodies from our kitchen. So, Mama got to work and we made some fun things to take to church and school. We made these for his friends at church and his former teachers at daycare.You take a Nutter Butter and dipContinue reading “Food Friday”

Beavers Academy Christmas Party

Julie sent photos from the Beavers Academy Christmas party and like a good sister and aunt I have to post them for all to see. The children in her school are 4 of my most favorite children in the whole wide world. Watching how they do school is always so much fun. Their school administrator,Continue reading “Beavers Academy Christmas Party”

Christmas Week Begins

We started the Christmas family festivities this past weekend at our house with Randall’s mother. We had fun watching Henry open his presents. Being a parent is so much fun at Christmastime. Watching his face light up is priceless. Nonnie got him this scooter. It plays music and that is his favorite part. He standsContinue reading “Christmas Week Begins”

Creative Christmas Fun

This little cutie has 3 teachers at school and 2 at church. So, we got out the Cricut and made them some fun gifts. Actually, he was snoozing away in his bed and I was upstairs in the office making the gifts watching In The Kitchen with David on QVC…because I just love that flamboyantContinue reading “Creative Christmas Fun”