We Faired Well

The White County Fair in Searcy on Moster Truck night is a tradition for we 3 Lee’s. It’s a 1hour 20 min drive for us. Randall’s plane from Iowa landed in Jonesboro around 5:00 and we ran home for him to change his clothes….he picked his best redneck shirt for the occasion to ensure heContinue reading “We Faired Well”

I Still Miss Her

Wilma and her girls – our last picture with her. About 6 weeks before she died. 10 years ago this morning my Meemaw (Julie’s “Grandmother”) met Jesus face to face. What a rejoicing that must have been for she, my Peepaw (Julie’s “Granddaddy”) and our Healer. We called them different names, but they were theContinue reading “I Still Miss Her”

School days

School Days, School Days… The kids went to school today. Not “real” school, as we call public school, but a homeschool academy that meets on Tuesdays. Everyone was excited, and everyone was a bit apprehensive about going this morning. They all looked so cute. I wish I had taken a picture. I just don’t evenContinue reading “School days”

Santa Is Watching

Henry has learned so much about Christmas at his faith-based school. He is learning about the real meaning of Christmas, yet he is also learning the whimsical fun of Christmas. It is so true when they say from out of the mouth the heart speaks. Henry is an open book and it is so entertaining.Continue reading “Santa Is Watching”

Cousin Cuteness

Mama sent these pictures over the weekend. They made me smile. All of the little girls were in the Fort visiting grandparents and they got together for a little play time with Marmie/Aunt “Taffy” and Gigi/Aunt J –tbeo (my mama and her sister…in case you are confused). Anna K and Gracie B are only aContinue reading “Cousin Cuteness”