Celebrating Another Year Together

12 years ago we celebrated my 25th birthday at the lake as newlyweds with our new newlywed friends, Mandy and Charlie. She made me a monkey bread birthday cake full of candles.  She also made me a birhday breakfast feast and I knew I’d be friends with her forever. We had fun that weekend thinkingContinue reading “Celebrating Another Year Together”

Twinkle Town Birthday Fun

http://widget-f5.slide.com/widgets/slideticker.swf The birthday weekend in Twinkle Town was most fun. We had lots of cake, laughs and plenty of smiles. David & Daniel had their little friend stay the night on Friday (their birthday) and we went and had Mexican and lots of cake back at the house. This year the boys wanted their ownContinue reading “Twinkle Town Birthday Fun”