A Doctor’s Appt and a Prayer

The day after Thanksgiving Anna smashed her finger in a door at church. Smashed it flat. It was ugly. It bruised her nail really bad. It was her middle finger and if you asked to see her hurt finger she would show you. Just like you think she would show you her middle finger! PoorContinue reading “A Doctor’s Appt and a Prayer”

Update on Daniel

We took Daniel for a check-up on his arm yesterday. The doctor says its looking good. It is still crooked, so much that I really can’t stand to look at it! That’s a grand thing for a mother to say isn’t it?! The lady that took the x-rays(I know she has a professional name likeContinue reading “Update on Daniel”

A Birthday And Arm Update

Today is my husband’s birthday! Stephen is 39 today! I’m so excited about that, because for exactly one month it would seem that I am two years older than him. He loves that month. I am so fortunate to be married to this man. He is a Godly man that desires to see people comeContinue reading “A Birthday And Arm Update”