Serving the Lord, What a Great Job!

It is a joy for our family to serve the Lord in full time ministry. We’re joining up with Kelly today. She is linking up with ministry wives and as you know I am one. When Stephen and I were married I knew that he was going to be a music minister and I wasContinue reading “Serving the Lord, What a Great Job!”

The Little Elf’s Tour Of Home

Our little elf is excited to show you his Christmas house. Isn’t his excited face funny?! This is our living room. It is always fun to decorate because there is endless options and lots of room. We also do not use this room every day so it can have the breakables in it since ourContinue reading “The Little Elf’s Tour Of Home”

Show Us Your Life – Henry’s Room

I know the Show Us Your Life blog hops are not something we usually participate in. We try so hard to not act “showy” in our posts. Yet, today…I am going to boast, brag and show off my baby boy’s room, by gosh…so forgive me in advance!!!Call me proud, but I am when it comesContinue reading “Show Us Your Life – Henry’s Room”

Cleaning Tips, from me???

Abby and I may have some of the same blood flowing through our veins. We may have grown up in the same house with the same parents. We may be sisters, but when it comes to cleaning we couldn’t be more different. Kelly is doing Show Us Your Life-Cleaning Tips today and the funny thingContinue reading “Cleaning Tips, from me???”