Jesus Laughs

This photo popped up on Instagram last week and it has consumed me ever since. Shocker, huh? Jesus laughs. Who knew? If you think this is irreverent than you need to click off here right now because your holy toes are about to get stepped on. We always see the stoic Jesus or the woundedContinue reading “Jesus Laughs”

How to Start A Blessing Jar For Free

I just love to do fun crafty things. I also love to focus on blessings when and if possible…we all know those times can be hard though. So, a few years ago I started a blessing jar for the year. I cut some paper into strips and put it in the jar with a pen.Continue reading “How to Start A Blessing Jar For Free”

Featured Family This is a link to the blog our preschool ministry has just started. Its purpose is to introduce several families in our church as an encouragement to others in their walk with the Lord. We are the first family to be featured. It thrills my heart to serve in this church and have themContinue reading “Featured Family”

Give Thanks From A Grateful Heart

Today we are eating it up and giving thanks for the blessings we so often take for granted. It makes me think of this sweet song that my girl Paige sang at our wedding in 2003. What a wonderful memory and beautiful lyrics. I hope your day is full of gratitude and blessings. There’s nothingContinue reading “Give Thanks From A Grateful Heart”

A Tote Of Blessings

Henry and I headed to Memphis this week to see the fam and for me to shop my friend’s fall/winter consignment sale at the Agricenter. She is such a peach and lets me in for the first preview sale each season. It is so good to know sweet people…I am blessed by her. I getContinue reading “A Tote Of Blessings”

This Place

I debated sharing my heart about this, but I just have to. I want all of you (whoever you are…we know we have lots of lurkers and we are thrilled you like us!) to feel my heartbeat at this amazing, scary, fun, life-altering, God-given and stressful time in my life. Tomorrow is my last dayContinue reading “This Place”