A Fishy Celebration

This past weekend we went fishing to begin our April birthday celebrations. If you are new around here, Anna will be 8 on the 20th and David and Daniel will be 11 on the 24th. We celebrate birthdays for days!!! Samuel was at a D-Now weekend, so Stephen and I took Daniel, David and AnnaContinue reading “A Fishy Celebration”

Our Very Own Christmas Baby

I posted this photo on purpose…Daddy is no longer a Rebel fan since they gave Houston the boot. He doesn’t read this much anymore so he won’t know unless someone tells him…don’t tell him! This photo was taken at my house in Mississippi. Sweet and skinny times 🙂 (Abby) Today is our heavenly father’s birthdayContinue reading “Our Very Own Christmas Baby”

Brought To You By The Number 2 & The Letter H

Henry turned 2 last week and we celebrated with all his friends on Sesame Street. I bought these fun cupcakes at a local grocery store to take to his school on his birthday. He was so excited to see them. He dove right in and took Big Bird’s head off. His friends were yelling “Elmo”.ItContinue reading “Brought To You By The Number 2 & The Letter H”