Food Friday…Kinda

I am s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g trying to make this a food related post since it is Food Friday. I cooked nada this week…not a thing! It was an odd week with activities and illness in our home. Today I sat down to post this and I am drawing a blank on coming up with a good recipeContinue reading “Food Friday…Kinda”

Fall Fun

Friday afternoon Henry and I headed about an hour outside of town to one of Randall’s plots so he could ride the combine with his daddy. Henry did not pose for this picture. It just happened. He was watching his Daddy out in the field and looked back at me to tell me “Daddy work”.Continue reading “Fall Fun”

Food Friday

As you read last Food Friday, this is Hunger Action Month and we are dedicating our Food Friday’s to highlight hunger and ways we can help. When most of us think of the hungry we picture children. Their little brains and bodies are growing at nano speed and proper nutrition is so important for them.Continue reading “Food Friday”