Setting Fire To The Rain In Shame

My Henry knows most all the words to this song. He belts it out in this funny, graspy voice and throws a fit when it is over and begs for me to play it again. Randall played it in the den the other night because he had not witnessed Henry’s performance and had to hearContinue reading “Setting Fire To The Rain In Shame”

A Little Morning "Cheese"

We attempted a little photo session before school one morning this week. It was for Henry’s Valentine’s Day card. He loves to say “cheese” but sitting still is not his best thing. He has so much to do and see. He has never been 2 before…it is a big deal. He makes me laugh. AlwaysContinue reading “A Little Morning "Cheese"”

Baths, Bugs and Bubbles

Henry loves a bath. He goes bonkers when he hears “bath” so we have to spell it when talking about it unless it is time. He will sprint to the back of the house when he hears “bath” while laughing, squealing and yelling “Baftub…I want baftub!” Have I ever told you how much I loveContinue reading “Baths, Bugs and Bubbles”

Smart Little Gobble Gobble

My little turkey can say “gobble gobble” and “give thanks”. It makes my Mama heart so proud. He is a sponge and I love it! This week I am making a thankful tree for us to have on the table at dinner time. It has made me think of all the little bitty things weContinue reading “Smart Little Gobble Gobble”