Learning To Look Up, Even In The Bathtub!

Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything. I don’t have internet at my house, so I have to rely on Stephen’s computer, and he has been keeping it busy when I needed to get on it. Anyway this is what I have to share today! The other morning I wasContinue reading “Learning To Look Up, Even In The Bathtub!”

Eggs, The Bunny, Dresses and Jesus

Since I was a child Easter has excited me. I think it is because I was raised to know the REAL meaning of Easter and then also encouraged to believe in the bunny who hops down the bunny trail. Oh, the smell of vinegar and the colors that Mama made appear in the “pudding glasses”.Continue reading “Eggs, The Bunny, Dresses and Jesus”

Mister, Let Me Off This Ride!

Oh, I screamed that on a roller coaster with Sarah when I was a little girl and I feel like screaming it today. I am glad God feels it necessary to test me, but I am getting a little worn out. Job uncertainties, job possibilities, headache management, family planning, indecisive vacation planning, weight loss plateaus,Continue reading “Mister, Let Me Off This Ride!”