Cousins Camp

Cousins camp 2014 went down in the books of all time family fun! Hollye (our cousin) had the idea
To get us and our kids together this summer. Julie got to work planning a little 2 day trip for us. We ended up renting a house in what Henry calls, “Turkey Village”.
 This photo will be planted in our memory banks forever….it was a miracle we got it! When I’m old in the home these children will come visit (I hope!) and say “Aunt Abby, remember that time at Cousins Camp when we were all saying ‘cheese’ and that car…..” and we will share a laugh. (You had to be there to know the rest of that story!) 

Samuel was at football practice and could not attend. Julie brought a Flat Sam to take part in the festivities…and that it did! 

We met at Down Home Kitchen in Hardy and planned out our camp, laughed and chowed down. 
We played in the lake for a while. It was fun but we all realized we are really pool people. The boys are so cute. Dave and Dan are so inclusive and sweet to Henry. To be 13 and include a 4 year old is really kind. These boys have my heart. 

Game nights were great fun. We could have holed up and played games for a week, really. 
These are funny, competitive people who show their true colors during a game. All the horns, tears, warts and odd knowledge come out. Funny, funny stuff. 

Hollye will shoot me for this….but I love it too much! She had to act out dancing. She is her mother’s child. I love that about her. 

Minute to win it games just ain’t right! Daniel was kind enough to buddy up with Henry and smiled through it. Bless him! David cheated me with these Solo cups, but I’ll let it go….eventually! Lol. 
Jules climbed the waterfall with the children. I stayed back and took Flat Sam for a climb. 
Walking in downtown Hardy watching our children laugh at a pay phone. We are old, people! 

The community pool in “Turkey Village” was really fun. We swam and the children all played putt putt too. We had the best time swimming, observing those around us, and laughing about those two things. 
Camp T-shirts were a must. I came up with the idea and Julie made it happen. We were so excited! Her friend in Pine Bluff made them for us. We are so blessed to have the bond we share. What a smile Wilma and Charles must have from heaven seeing us love and share the love with our babies. Sometimes my heart could explode when I think about it, really. 

These are the most well-behaved children (Henry is debatable) with the kindest hearts. Having them bond for a few days through laughter was just perfect. Poor Flat Sam….

Cousins Camp will probably be a summer tradition from now on. We all loved the time together and the laid back fun we had. I think our husbands secretly enjoyed the break from all of us! What a treat to be so close to a cousin. Some of my best childhood memories were made with my cousins. Here’s to many more….

Abby Jo 

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