The Greats

Julie and I are blessed to have had relationships with all of our great aunts. The love and influence they have had on us is incredible. Our family is rich in faith, family, life and laughter because of these ladies. Now that I am an aunt and an adult, I realize what a treasure they all have been to me and how they have helped shape me into the woman I am today.

Our great aunts lived life to the fullest. All are now gone but one.

Our Aunt Vera moved from a farm in Mississippi to work in Washington DC when women working in that environment was still unheard of. She never married and eventually moved back home and lived in the farmhouse she grew up in. Visiting her each summer was like a history lesson. I loved my special times with her in that old house.

 Our Aunt Zoe was a tender-hearted, quiet woman who treasured her family. She would appear out of no where on our porch with brown paper sacks full of yummies from her garden. She was our Pawpaw’s oldest sibling and helped raise him. We were all precious in her sight because we were his.

Our Aunt Lou married a handsome soldier who was stationed in her hometown. She moved to Texas with her new husband and lived a fun life raising her girls. She was beautiful and had the neatest life experiences from living in a big city in the great state of Texas.When she came home to visit all came running home to see her. A fun factoid: Our Mawmaw is now married to that handsome soldier.  We got an uncle and a grandfather in one! They married when Aunt Lou died and our Pawpaw died. 

Our Aunt Jane lived on the same street forever and she had the happiest smile I have ever seen. She and Uncle Earl were very eccentric and had the most fascinating things in their home. I can hear her voice and laughter in my heart as I type this. It was such a sweet sound.
All of these women mentioned above are sitting with Jesus today. I know that in my heart and I love it. I count it such a blessing to follow the path of these women. A path rich in faith and life…and laughter. There was always laughter with all these sweet souls.

We have one great aunt living now since our Aunt Grace stepped into heaven this week with the others. Aunt Suzy is the only great aunt we have left. It is sort of strange how it has affected me this week.

Aunt Grace was our Meemaw’s sister, and she like the others mentioned above, had quiet a life story to tell. You can read about some of it here (Click here for her obit)

Miss Pontotoc of 1937 moved from a farm in Mississippi to Wisconsin with her handsome “Yankee” husband. We use that term endearingly, of course. Our Uncle Dick was a character and a wonderful man. Aunt Grace and Meemaw were very close in age and looked a lot a like. They were very, very close all through life, even though they lived so far apart. They would talk for hours by phone each week. They were like two school girls. They were always prissy, sassy and in charge. I enjoyed listening to Aunt Grace talk and watching her smile. When our Meemaw died I especially loved seeing Aunt Grace on her biannual visits down south. It made me feel like I was with Meemaw again. I will miss knowing all that is gone but I will always treasure the sweet, precious memories.

Thank heavens we have our Aunt Suzy! She is still working every day to find a cure for Alzheimer’s and enriching the lives of those around her. I could do a whole post on this fascinating woman. She is the smartest woman I know and family is first with her. She loves us all like crazy.  Her life should be a book. It would be a best-seller for all southern women who have a fight in them and desire to get all they can out of life. I love the stories, the advice and the love she shares each time I am with her. And her laughter….oh, it is priceless. She is not afraid of wearing musical Christmas knee socks with shorts on Thanksgiving Day to the corner grocery and throwing her leg up on the check out counter and pushing her socks to make them sing for the cashier. This is why I love her. I did not love her so much that day since I was in high school and almost died in the store…But now I love it and would probably do the same thing if given the chance to score some fabulous socks like that! That lady is a treasure to know and love.

I love to laugh and I love knowing all these sweet women have shown me it is OK to laugh no matter what is happening in life. Just laugh, suck it up and remember who you belong to. It will make even the darkest days brighter.I love the way all of these women lived different lives, yet have taught us all the same lessons. Faith, family, living life to the fullest and laughter will make life rich and rewarding, regardless. I want the Fab Four’s children to post this same thing about me when my time is over.


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