Mom Update

Mom was discharged from the hospital last Friday afternoon. She is staying at Aunt Janet’s house this week so that someone will be close by at night and so she won’t be alone too awful much. She is glad to be there and Aunt Janet is glad to be taking care of her. She has friends coming to stay with her and keep her company throughout the day. I am so thankful for them.

Mom was in the hospital 16 days. The first 12 days were terribly tough, but the last 4 were pretty great. I went home for a couple of days while she was there because my kids were having their school testing and I needed to be there for a bit of support.

I am known to not like hospitals. I dislike them VERY much. I don’t like the smell, the tools, the paper towels, the food, or the plastic cups. It is just too much for me to take. I am a gagger and I gag the most at hospitals.

(On Soapbox)
I remember being told from several church members that I needed to visit the hospital and nursing homes more, that it would be “good” for me. Well, let me tell you that I spent several days at the hospital. I was there, smelling, seeing, touching, feeling. It did not do me any “good”. Because I was there for my mom, I endured and did it with pleasure, want to, love and devotion. But I do not feel that I have a ministry to the sick and infirm. Oh my! I don’t know how many times I repeated that sentence during those 16 days. Just as not all people are supposed to be teaching children in Awana clubs at church or Sunday School, I am not to be ministering to the patients in hospitals. Sure, I will visit. And I pray that people will stand up and be listeners in their church’s Awana clubs. But not all of us are teachers and not all of us are ministers to the sick. (Off soapbox)

I prayed for God to take my weakness (gagging) and give me His strength. And He did. I am a testimony of what God can and will do. I stood beside my mom’s ICU bed for many hours holding her hand, trying to comfort her confused spirit. I would lay my head on her shoulder that was draped with tubes carrying medicine and breath for her. I talked to her, cried on her, and prayed to God both silently and aloud. I never thought she wouldn’t make it, I was just pained because the situation seemed to have no end. The doctor kept saying 2-3 days. he said it everyday for about 4 days, I finally stopped asking.
I went home for a day and a half and when I went back to the hospital she was in her own room. I rejoiced! Aunt Janet and Mamaw had stayed with her while I was gone. I know they loved being with her without a bunch of others all around!
I spent the days at the hospital with mom, made friends with the nursing staff, and did NOT conquer my disdain for eating in hospitals.

Abby was in Jonesboro on and off while mom was in the hospital, because HELLO, SHE HAS A JOB! I usually don’t call her during the day, we just text. But during these trying days when I called, she always answered. I texted and she always texted back. It was nice to bounce ideas, happenings, and tears off of her.

There was one afternoon I came close to losing it with a nurse. I guess I had had enough of the hospital experience. Abby and I talked and made a game plan. We executed it nicely and things went well. It was a time that Abby and I got to be grown-ups. Prior to that, we let the doctors and nurses make all the decisions, as we should have. We realized through that experience that family is everything. Family trumps hurt feelings, unkind words, and unsaid apologies.
Sometimes we get caught up in the moment and things may not go as we liked but at the end of the day family should win. Always!

Thank you for your prayers and concern for mom and for the rest of us. We loved the Sonic cokes, snacks, gifts, and visits. It made our days go by so much faster and better. The Lord answered our prayers in His timing and what was best for Mom. We are so grateful.


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2 thoughts on “Mom Update

  1. You worded this perfectly! God gives us the gifts he means for us to have, and He doesn't make mistakes! Don't let anyone get you down or tell you that you need to be doing something that you were not designed for. Love you! -Andi-


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