Toddler Times

Henry is 25 months old. Sometimes I sit and start to panic that I am going to regret not writing it all down. This weekend was one of those weekends. I just sat down and started typing. I feel better now. I know I will never be able to record it all. I have so much bottled up in my heart that will stay there forever.

Henry, you are 25 months old:

You have learned that you have an opinion and you share it. It is adorable and annoying! You love to say “NO WAY” and “NO WAY JOSE!” You sometimes laugh when you say it…which makes it adorable.

You love your “monkey” like crazy. You still like both the blue/white & blue/green one . You love to rub the silky part. When we were at Marmie’s for Christmas Daddy had run an errand in the truck and your “monkey” was with him. Marmie gave you a green silk nightgown and you were happy. Silly, sleepy boy and crafty, smart grandma!

You love trucks, trains, tractors, buses, combines, and bicycles…anything that goes, basically. You love pushing your trucks, tractors and buses around the house. The books you have that deal with trucks, tractors and trains are your favorite ones to read.

You love to read! I hope you stay this way forever. Sitting in your book corner is a favorite past time of yours and ours. You sometimes read to yourself and it makes me smile. Each book is exciting to you and you like to come and share them with us. At night when you go to bed I spend more time picking up books than anything else. I love that, even if I groan about it…I really think it is precious.

You love to go “bye bye” and especially in Daddy’s truck. You sometimes wake up in the mornings wanting “Daddy’s truck”. You literally jump up and down and beam ear to ear when it is time to go bye bye. I am so glad you like to go, since you have to get up and go every morning of your little life but Saturday’s. School and church are so much more manageable because you like to go, go, go!

You can drink out of a cup and love to show us. You still have not mastered that running with the cup is not the best move. It is fun times watching you learn by trial and error.

You cried and cried at church for a long time. Thankfully, you are accepting that corporal worship is part of what we do at our house and you are taking kindly to it. You resist most every time we get to your classroom but when we leave you go full force and you are always having fun when we pick you up.

You are learning all about Jesus and his love. You often tell me “God Loves Henry” and “I love Jesus” and you LOVE to sing “Jesus Loves Me” when we rock you at bedtime. When you want us to sing it to you, you will say “I want Bible”. You have called the song “Bible” since you could ask for it. It will forever be “Bible” at our house. I play Praise Baby DVDs and CD’s in the car still and you love them. You are memorizing truths that will stick with you forever. You have no idea what they all mean yet, but you will, oh my sweet boy, you will.

You still LOVE to be rocked at home. At school and at Nana’s they tell me you go down without being rocked. I can’t even imagine! I guess you want that sweet time with Mama and Daddy. You are so rotten, child…so rotten!

Bath time is one of your best times of the day. You literally beg for it and then sprint to the tub. You love your bath toys so much. You play and play and then when it is time to get out you say “bye” to each toy in the tub individually and then you allow me or Daddy to dry you off. Daddy says it puts “separation” between you and the tub toys. Otherwise, you might think those toys can be taken out of the tub. He taught you to say “bye” to each one. Daddy is your favorite bath buddy. I am second place, but that is okay by me. I can get chores done while you boys scream, splash and suds up.

Eating is sometimes a challenge with you. You would eat French fries and chicken at every meal if you could. “Bies” are what you call “fries” and I honestly think they are your favorite food. You inhale them and when we let you have ketchup it is like a little bite of heaven for you! You want what you want (back to the opinion and sharing it comment) and will moan, groan and refuse food if you are not happy with the meal we present you. You are getting better at it though. Your Daddy is much better at working with you and getting you to eat things than I am. You love pudding and yogurt “pun-nin-nin”, raviolis “rab-bi-bolies”, croutons, chips, peas, potatoes, spaghetti “sghetti”, chili “chwee” and pop tarts “pop pop”.

Veggie Tales is your new obsession. I think you would watch them all day long if you could. You love Bob “Mano” and Larry “Comer”. You know all the characters and call them by name. I love that you are learning Bible truths and important lessons on life. Sesame Street, Super Why, Choo Choo Soul and Blues Clues are also high on your viewing list. We watch mostly this stuff too. I really have no shows I watch anymore. You have taken over the TV. You are rotten!

You are starting to notice your clothing and shoes. You sometimes share your opinion with me on what shoes you want to wear and what pajamas you would like to wear. I am glad you have not yet refused to wear any of your cute appliquéd shirts and longalls. That day will make me cry.

You love to have your jacket zipped. You will say “zip it” as soon as we put it on. When you are ready to take it off you simply say “Jacket off”. It sort of reminds me of the Rain Man and scares me! You have a red jacket, a black coat and a little blue jacket with a sailboat on it. You love each one in its own way and like to share your opinion on which one you want to wear each day. The sailboat one is your favorite though. I paid $3 for it at a resale shop…this is why I love you!

Santa Claus was so much fun with you this year. You loved talking about him and seeing him on things. Seeing him in person was not so much fun though. Bless your heart! You still talk about him a lot. Grandaddy recorded a Christmas book for you. You like for me to play a page or two each night after bath time. You say, “I want Santa Caus Grandaddy”. It is precious. You giggle and smile and say “Grandaddy” the whole time it is playing.

You love to be tickled. We will lay in the floor with you and tickle you over and over. Your laughter is music to my soul. It makes the tired days so worth it. You will say “Tickle” when we stop. You always want more. I hope that giggle is bottled up in my heart forever. I do not want to ever forget how sweet it sounds to hear you giggle and giggle and beg for more. You have no idea how the world will try to still your joy as you get older and I wish I could protect you from it forever. I will do my best to keep you from it as long as I can. For now, we will just giggle, wet our diaper until it is full and giggle some more. It is so fun to roll on the floor with you and your toothy little grin!

You run around our house like you own it. Nothing is off limits to you. You even climb the stairs now. It wears me out some days but I love it more than you will ever know. Having your slobber, fingerprints and little messes all over the doors, windows and floors of our home makes it such a sweeter, softer place. I thank God for my toddler boy. You are such a handful at times, but a handful I would not trade for anything, ever. I am SO glad gave us you, Henry Patton!


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One thought on “Toddler Times

  1. Henry is one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen….those eyes….wow!You will be so happy you wrote all this down 'cause you think you will remember it….but you forget so much as time goes by! You're a great Mom!


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