Christmas in Dixie

S Family Christmas comes every year and every year it is great fun. We head to Daddy’s house in Mississippi for a fun-filled day of family, gifts and food. And almost every year Daddy is supporting and sporting a new team’s pullover….just kidding. He went from Arkansas to Ole Miss and now back to Memphis. I love it. He looks good in Tiger blue.
S Family matriarchs, Babs and Bob. Meemaw and Peepaw did well.

From Babs and Bob you have the beautiful brunette S girls. We are quite the trio. Jules and I love our cousin Hollye to pieces. She is like a sister to us. Coming from a small family, we bonded well growing up even though we lived a state away from one another.
From the 3 of us you have this handsome group! Thanks to Jules for doing most of the work 🙂

The S family produces such pretty girls. Meemaw would love pampering these two just like she did us. Claire and Anna are ” our pretty girls”. Meemaw used to say “my pretty girl” all the time. I loved that.
Henry and his Grandaddy are quite a pair. He looks a lot like Daddy when he was a boy. Henry wore his sweater vest to G’daddy’s house in honor of him. Daddy loves a sweater vest. In fact my father in law saw Henry in that very vest and said “Henry, you look like Grandaddy!” So funny.

Grandaddy’s babies. He sure has a fine looking group of grands, that is for sure! Henry was trying to escape as you can see. Anna has his number, thankfully. She is a better mother than me at times.

I loved this picture. It captures S family Christmas so well. Daddy was opening his calendar, which is now a family joke, while wearing Connie’s glasses because he could not find his. Henry had just opened his Bob the Tomato from Daddy….Daddy’s name is Bob… and Henry was looking for Larry the Cucumber “cumer“. It was cute that he expected them to come as a pair. Henry loves Veggie Tales. Daddy’s face is priceless and I just love the memory of it.

Daddy decided to hand down different things to Julie’s kids. He said Henry wasn’t old enough to care…true, true. Anyway, he gave Stephen our grandfather’s Bible that Peepaw received when he graduated from college, when he entered into the ministry. Daddy’s grandfather gave it to Peepaw and wrote an inscription to him in the front cover. Since Samuel is going into the ministry Daddy passed it on to him. Samuel has his great-grandfather’s Bible that has an inscription in it from his great great-grandfather. Daddy told him not to use it too much because it will turn to dust!
I got to visit with my UJ. My Uncle Joe is precious. I cannot imagine life without him. I was terrified of him when I was a little girl. If you knew him you would laugh at that. I would cry and freeze up when I got near him. He is the most gentle man in the world. We laugh about it today. I try to make a point to apologize to him as much as I can. UJ is retired now and stays super busy remodeling and building things for Babs in his workshop. He is a saint and has blue eyes almost as pretty as Randall’s! 🙂

Sissy got the red ones! She now has pink and red. She will have sassy feet in 2012. I think the boys are so cute in this picture.

I received so many nice things from everyone. This pillow was my favorite though. David made it for me and meant to give it to me in Fort Smith at Mama’s but he was not finished making it. It is an inside joke between the Fab 4 and me. The pink side is my “soft side” and the animal print is my “street side”. I now have it on my living room couch. I am soooo proud of it. I really think my sister has the coolest and sweetest kids around. I hope Henry is half as cool and sweet as them.

Christmas with a 2 year old has now come and gone. Praise be! Whew…it was exhausting. I am glad Matthew “Thew” enjoyed it. ha! It was actually very fun, just exhausting. Henry learned about Jesus, Santa and all our family traditions. He knows lots of carols, the nativity and what Santa Claus says. Next year it will be neat to see if he remembers any of it. I did leave a nativity up in his built in cabinet because I thought 365 days of Jesus isn’t a bad idea. So, here’s to planning Christmas 2012….what, what?! hee hee.


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