Food Friday

We branched out this week a bit and tried this. It was pretty good and healthy. Even Henry liked it. I served roasted potatoes, salad and yeast rolls with it. It was yummy. We had it two nights in a row. I love leftovers!

I love lemon icebox cake. I make it lowfat. This week we needed something sweet that was not chocolate or heavy. Randall always likes this and even Henry was a fan!
Lemon Icebox Cake
Lemon cake mix – make according to directions, but use applesause instead of oil. Bake in 13×9 pan
1 can fat free Eagle Brand
1 container fat free Cool Whip
1 packet lemon Kool-Aid
Bake cake. While baking, heat Eagle Brand with Kool-Aid packet sprinkled into it. Poke holes in baked cake and pour Eagle Brand mixture on top. Cool and top with Cool Whip. Chill overnight and serve. It is better the longer it sits.

Ugh, the pantry/food cabinet! I organize it and it goes back to being a mess in just a few days. I would love to know how you organize yours and keep it tidy. PLEASE comment and tell me. We end up misplacing food! My shelves pull out and you know I NEVER pull them out. I really am a dork at times. If I pulled them out I might see all that is in there. Maybe that should be my first step…hmmm. Seriously, I would love to hear helpful hints from you????

The foodie found the coffee and used it as a drum. It was hillarious. His Daddy brought in my Sam’s purchases and put them at the foot of the stairs. I was in the kitchen and heard Henry banging on something. I looked over the kitchen bar to find this.

It was time for his medicine and he would not leave his coffee. His Daddy fed him his medicine filled yogurt (he loves yogurt and hates medicine, so we trick him!) while he was holding the coffee, in order to keep the foodie happy. Life is never dull with my little foodie and big foodie.
Happy Food Friday!

Published by Abby Lee

Celebrating and decorating with purpose is my favorite thing to do. When I am not filling a tree with ornaments or throwing a birthday party for my golden doodle, I am being mom to a super cool tween son, the wife to a fine blue eyed man and selling real estate. I call northeast Arkansas home and when I am not loving on my people or celebrating in our space, I am using words to express myself here or on my podcast. Be sure to follow me! I am the co-author of a blog called Life with My Sister and have a podcast called Abby As-Is. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Food Friday

  1. If that is your messy pantry then I need tips from you! I'm going to make that cake. We always make it with a chocolate cake mix and eagle brand with marshmallow creme……so not low fat!;) Your foodie is a cutie!Tara


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