Turkey Times – Northeast

“How does my turkey look?”

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my Aunt Babs house in Memphis. It was Henry’s first Thanksgiving. Last year I sat in my chair in my den, wearing pajamas, and Randall brought me food on a TV tray that my dear mother-in-law had brought to us. I was on bed rest, days away from meeting my baby boy for the first time. So crazy to think that sweet baby is already a big ole turkey boy on our hip!

Spending the holiday with my fraternal side of the family was so much fun. Our cousin Hollye is more like a sister to us than a cousin. We are a tight little group. She and I carved the fried turkey and insisted that a photo be taken with the best cut of meat being placed on the platter. I love being with people wired like me. It is so nice to not have to explain yourself, excuse yourself or hide yourself with the ole kin folk…I love that!

I am so thankful for a healthy, happy, active and handsome little boy who lets me dress him up in crazy outfits for every holiday. You may laugh at me but I love it. He will only be able to dress like this for a short window of time before he is called names…so I have to get it in while time allows!

I could not wait to watch the parade with Henry for the first time. We rushed to Hollye’s Thanksgiving morning to watch it with she and Claire. It was so fun to watch Henry react to all the colors and music. I loved making that memory at Hollye’s. Randall and I met for the first time at Hollye’s house. I love that house!

Henry got to play with his Grandaddy. Grandaddy is always making him ride the horsey to town. Henry is not so sure about that horsey just yet! Do you think Henry looks like my Daddy? I think he does sometimes. I will look at Henry when he looks like Daddy and say, “Well hello there Bob S!”

Grandaddy loves his mouth tricks and Henry is quite fond of them too. Henry tries to mimic him. It is cute. My Daddy is a crazy fella and he always makes the kiddos laugh. I am glad they laugh.

Daddy’s wife, Connie loved our sweet Henry spending Thanksgiving with her. Henry is pretty fond of her too. She loves our babies like her own. We are blessed to have her in our family.

Hollye let Henry take all the Black Friday ads and rip them up and spread them all over her den floor. It was an incredible, happy mess. He really liked playing at her house on Thanksgiving, of course. Hollye lives across the street from her mama, so it makes visiting them very convenient. Her mama is Aunt Babs, in case you had not put two and two together yet.

Claire is Hollye’s daughter, and one of my favorite kiddos. She loves to help me take care of Henry. Claire is not crazy about babies, except for Henry. She says, “oh, he is so cute”. I enjoy the help she gives me and I take full advantage of it. I think it would not be good to have an older child because I am pretty sure they would run away from home. Poor Claire gets used and abused, but she says she loves it. We love that sweet girl!

Henry experienced his first Black Friday shopping trip. He was a cute little trooper.

Aunt Babs, Hollye, Claire and I enjoyed shopping with our little reindeer boy. He was sporting the first of many Christmas outfits….of course! I am not sure I will make a habit of shopping on Black Friday with him though. At times it was a little much for him…and his mama!

When we got home from Memphis we had a special surprise visit from Paige. She is Charlie Kate’s mama and my dear friend from college. She brought her new boyfriend over to meet us. They were in town visiting his family for the day. We were so excited to see her and let Henry play a farm game on her iPhone.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. We missed all the other family we did not get to see. We are blessed to have family in lots of places, yet it is impossible to see them all at the holidays. A bittersweet time, for sure. I hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving, had good food, got some hugs, had some laughs, and got some rest!


Published by Abby Lee

Celebrating and decorating with purpose is my favorite thing to do. When I am not filling a tree with ornaments or throwing a birthday party for my golden doodle, I am being mom to a super cool tween son, the wife to a fine blue eyed man and selling real estate. I call northeast Arkansas home and when I am not loving on my people or celebrating in our space, I am using words to express myself here or on my podcast. Be sure to follow me! I am the co-author of a blog called Life with My Sister and have a podcast called Abby As-Is. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

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