Food Friday

Fall means it is time for some Caramel apples! I got this wild idea to make them and invite some of my best girls to join me for the fun.

Henry was unsure about the commotion in his kitchen. You know he has taken a real liking to the kitchen lately. He made the best of it, thankfully!

Brittni made us a pumpkin Bundt cake and brought that smiling face that I thank God for so, so often…but not often enough! She is such a sweet, fun friend. I do think she could give the Pioneer Woman a run for her money though…she is a sassy farmers wife and a citified country girl who can do anything. I just love it.

Brittni and I stuck cookie pop sticks in the apples instead of the wooden Popsicle sticks that come with the caramels. We thought this was much more “Martha Stewartish”. We both hate this picture, but it shows what real, tired mamas look like whose husbands spend all fall harvesting in the fields. Do you have pity for me yet….didn’t think so?! hee hee
While we were preparing the apples for their caramel coating, Andrew and Henry shared Henry’s toys. (Juju bought him this stacker toy the moment she found out I was pregnant) I loved how sweet they were to each other. I pray that God will give him sweet friends, and this is one of them…thank you, Lord!

Oh, yeah….Andrew was there with his mom, Sara. She is me in a different body…and she is much sweeter than me, but pretty much the same person. We laugh about it. LaShay also joined us with her cute little Noah. LaShay is my kind, savvy fashionista friend who helps me keep it real. Food Friday is so much fun this week…don’t you think?!

Ok, back to the main event…the apples.
We followed the directions on the back of the candy bag. 1 bag, 1 tbsp milk, melt, stir and dip! We dipped the apples and then scraped the excess off with a spoon. We then dipped some in crushed up Heath Bar and then some in crushed up peanuts. We did leave some plain also. We put them on wax paper to dry and placed them in the fridge for a bit.

After they set we placed them in cellophane bags and tied them with festive ribbon. Festive, Fun and yummy!!
What cute little gifts to give people or to eat yourself. I encourage you to have a caramel apple event with your family or friends. It is inexpensive, fun and yummy!
Note: Do not get wise and think you can thin out the caramel with extra milk to make it go further. We tried it with several apples and it was a big bomb. We learned that lesson the hard way.
Ok, he was in the beginning of this post, but I had to give him his Food Friday due attention like always. He has decided to take a liking to the sippie cup, after throwing it in the floor for the past 2 months.
“Look at me…I can do it, I can do it!”

“Hey, dude, I can do it with one hand!”

“Yay!!! I am a big boy, Mama!”
P.S. Melissa Jane, Mama, Julie and Randall: He is wearing the infamous “Hanging Out in Charleston t-shirt” in the sippie cup photos. I thought it was worthy of posting. Ha! I detest that shirt…just sayin.

Happy Food Friday!

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