It really all comes back to David

Last week while we were at the pool, David needed to run home for something.) And when I say run home, I mean ride his bike. We live like 5 houses down from the pool)

I gave him the garage door opener to get in the house and he gave it back to me when he got back. But not before he had already spent a good 20 minutes with it in his pocket, in the pool. So, yes the opener is trash! It was the only one that worked, so now we are without a garage door opener.

Friday night we came home from dinner and I had to go around to the back of the house unlock the door and go to the garage and open the door from the inside. But when I came in from outside the phone was ringing. I ran to answer it before I opened the garage door, it was David (who is staying at Stephen’s parents for a few days) I told him to hold on and then procedded to drop the phone to the floor.

Or what I thought was going to be the floor. Since the kitchen was dark I had forgotten that the cooler was sitting there and it was full of water.

And that is where the phone landed.

In a cooler full of water!

So, yes the phone is trash!

I have Henry this week. (Maybe forever??!!!!) (Just joking, Abby!)

Last night we headed out for a ball tournament that Samuel is playing in. We got to the town and it was raining, raining, raining. After a few minutes of sitting in the van while the rain continued to pour, we got the call that the game had been cancelled and so we headed home.

After finding out the that the game was cancelled I put the phone in the cup holder in the van. In case someone else called, I wouldn’t have to go searching for my phone in my new pink purse! Which I love!!

This morning we get a call from Stephen’s parents saying that David is running a fever and what should they give him. Hello, Tylenol and Motrin! But anyway….

So, I began looking for my phone so that I could call Abby and tell her that Henry has started calling me Mama and is asking that I fight for custody of him. But, I couldn’t find it.

Stephen then came home, handed me my phone, and said “call Abby!” I looked on my phone and I had 33 missed calls.

Can I just say right here that It takes me about a month to get 33 calls. Much less 33 missed calls in 12 hours!

Most of them were Stephen’s dad calling every minute from 10:00 to 10:30 last night. Poor David. All he wanted was to feel better and talk to his Mom, and my phone was in the van.

The other calls were Abby. She wanted to check on Henry. And my mom had called too. I’m pretty sure that when I talked to her this morning I got in trouble for the whole phone problem.

But, I’m blaming it on David. If he hadn’t swam with the garage door opener, I wouldn’t have had to open the back door, run to the phone and then put in a cooler full of water.

I hate that he doesn’t feel well, but he is still getting the blame!!

But I get to see him today and I just can’t wait!!!

A funny ps
This morning Daniel said, “I forgot what David looks like.” I told him to go look in the mirror. So, he did. I asked him if he remembered and he smiled and said, “yeah!”

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Celebrating and decorating with purpose is my favorite thing to do. When I am not filling a tree with ornaments or throwing a birthday party for my golden doodle, I am being mom to a super cool tween son, the wife to a fine blue eyed man and selling real estate. I call northeast Arkansas home and when I am not loving on my people or celebrating in our space, I am using words to express myself here or on my podcast. Be sure to follow me! I am the co-author of a blog called Life with My Sister and have a podcast called Abby As-Is. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

One thought on “It really all comes back to David

  1. The phone is NOT FRIED unless you tried to turn it on. If you just let it sit and dry, you can use it again. If you tried to turn it on while wet…its HISTORY !Good advice about telling Daniel to look in the mirror. You people out there who say those two boys don't look alike are smoking something different from me.Y.D.


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