A Blind Date & Leaving Comments

8 years ago today I met this sweet man in the picture above. We met on a blind date in the Bluff City (aka- Memfrica). He and I were simply going out to shut up his stepmother and my sister, who had decided that we were meant to be together from one simple fridge photo and a dog named Abby. Little did we know they would be able to pat themselves on the back for the rest of their lives . I am so glad we both agreed to go out for that one date on New Years Eve 2001 because I have had him in my life everyday since that crazy night at my cousin Hollye’s back door when he arrived to pick me up to find a baby on my hip that he thought was mine. I remember those beautiful blue eyes and how they about popped out of his head as he stood at the door wondering why no one had mentioned my child.

That baby on my hip was Claire. She was 1 then and had just gone number 2 in her diaper right before he rang the bell. She had Styrofoam all over her and me from playing in Christmas boxes. Needless to say, we were quite the smell and the sight. Her parents left me to babysit her while they went to an early dinner and they returned later than expected. So, it is a wonder he did not run away and wonder what he had gotten himself into. Anyway, I am so glad he stayed and I know Claire is too. She has always had a crush on him.
Randall says he stayed because when he saw me at the door he thought I was as cute as ever and wanted to try and figure me out…and I think he is still trying! We married 13 months after we met at that back door on New Years Eve and for that I am most thankful. He makes me a very happy girl.


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Celebrating and decorating with purpose is my favorite thing to do. When I am not filling a tree with ornaments or throwing a birthday party for my golden doodle, I am being mom to a super cool tween son, the wife to a fine blue eyed man and selling real estate. I call northeast Arkansas home and when I am not loving on my people or celebrating in our space, I am using words to express myself here or on my podcast. Be sure to follow me! I am the co-author of a blog called Life with My Sister and have a podcast called Abby As-Is. You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

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